Angepinnt Revive-Gangwars Rules[ENG]

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  • Revive-Gangwars Rules[ENG]

    Dear Revive Community!

    Today we are happy to announce and release the first Rules of our Revive-Gangwars Server!
    The Revive-Gangwars Management is able to edit, change and delete Rules as needed.
    Should this Rule be violated by someone will the punishment be enforced without announcement or discussion.
    A banned account is irrevocably excluded from the server.

    §1 General Server Rules
    • Insults, Provocations, Trolling or disrespect against the Community is forbidden
    • Any kind of pornography or right-wing content is strongly forbidden
    • All Rules are always counting and to be used at all times these can only be “edited/changed/avoided” by the project management
    • Advertising without Approval for other Projects is forbidden!
    • Spamming in any way or platform of Revive-Gangwars is forbidden!
    • Begging or Craving for levels, better stats and more is forbidden!
    • All Rules of Revive-Gangwars are to be respected and treated on all Platforms!
    • Boosting a and Teaming is forbidden and will be punished!
    • Multi Accounting is not allowed! You are only allowed to have 1 Account. This is a serious offense!
    • It is only allowed to Change your Username once and this is only possible through the Project Management!

    §2 Server Team rules
    • Intentional killing of Teammates or attacking is forbidden
    • Stealing Vehicles from your Teammates is forbidden
    • Blocking your Teammates is forbidden
    • Team changing during fights is forbidden
    • Teaming and Ghosting is forbidden
    §3 Cheating and Buguse
    • Cheating, Bugusing and Glitching is strongly forbidden and will be punished with a permanent ban!
    • Using exploits which are in place due to an error in the Script are forbidden and will need to be reported, should this not be tolerated will severe punishment follow
    • Changing Game mechanics is strongly forbidden(Low-FPS, Lagtools etc!)
    • Using Jaypads or Joysticks to force activate Auto Aim is forbidden and will be punished with a Permanent ban

    §4 Gangwars und Zones
    • Abusing “Gangzones” with “Friends” for boosting purposes is forbidden
    • Intervention in Gangwars that are taking place where you are not participant(Different Gang) are being punished Server-sided with Minus-XP.
    • Changing Team in order to join the winning team in the end of the fight is forbidden.
    • Shooting in and out of the Orange Gangzones is forbidden!
    • The Paintball Lobby and the area around it is a Safezone(Shooting is forbidden!)
    • Tuner and Weapon Dealer is a Safezone!(Shooting is forbidden!)

    §5 Player behavior
    • Vehicle Deathmatch, the intentional killing / driving over people with your Vehicle is strongly forbidden
    • Drive-by is only allowed from vehicle to vehicle, shooting from the Vehicle onto persons is a forbidden
    • Teamkilling(Killing your teammates is strongly forbidden!)
    • Spawnkilling /Spawncamping is forbidden and will be punished with a Kick and afterwards with a Ban!
    • Intentional Car vs. Bike/Cycle ramming will be counted as VDM(Vehicle Deathmatch)
    • Hitmans are not allowed to hijack the Truck
    • You are not allowed to enter the Bank or the Jeweler with Hitmans!
    • You are not allowed to Shoot with Rifles into Pistol Gangwar Zones!
    • The Intentional killing of your own OG is not allowed!

    §6 Loss of Data
    • Lost data caused by server crashes (or otherwise) will not be refunded
    • Wrong emails or passwords can not be given to the user (Privacy policy

    §7 Banned accounts
    • Accounts with a ban record are irrevocably excluded from the Server
    • You are able to file a Unban request for your Accounts but this is only possible through the Project Management or with Severe evidence against your Ban

    §8 Housing
    • You are not allowed to share houses or loan these out to People from a hostile faction/team.

    §9 Trading
    • Scamming is forbidden and will be punished with a Severe Punishment

    -> New Rules will now be added directly into the ruleset!*
  • Forum Rules

    §1 General
    • With the Registration in the Forum you do agree to consent to our Rule set!
    • This Rule set is to be respected and treated upon using the Forum and Web-Services of Revive-Gangwars.
    • Behave yourself so that no Users are being disturbed by you on the Server with your Behavior

    §2 Behavior
    • Disturbing users, by spamming them can be punished
    • Statspushing und Posthunting is forbidden!
    • Disrespectful and offensive behavior towards others is forbidden
    • Fraud, provocation and trolling are forbidden
    • Abuse of Bugs and Rights are forbidden
    • The Demand or publication of private data is forbidden
    • The Use of Bots is forbidden!
    • Advertisement for other Social Medias or Communities is strongly forbidden without the consent and approval of the Project Management
    • Sexism is not tolerated and will be punished!
    • Blackmailing or death threats are not allowed!
    • Acting as someone else is not allowed!
    • Racism, radicalism and the exclusion of certain persons or groups is forbidden
    • Not following Actions or punishments by team members will be punished.

    §3 Account and Profile
    • The Use of an offensive Avatar is forbidden!
    • Your Profile must comply with the Forum rules!
    • You are responsible for your own Account!
    • Using multiple Accounts is not allowed

    §4 Moderation
    • Each Team member of Revive-Gangwars is allowed at any time to check a User.
    • Warnings can always be sent through a Personal Message towards the User.
    • No user will just be kicked or banned without a Reason. The Team members are allowed to kick and ban users if the offense requires severe punishment

    §5 Other
    • All entered Data through the Registration or Formulas has to filled with real data.
    • If you have questions or any matters in regards to Revive-Gangwars the Support team is able to answer and help as much as possible.
    • All technical terms mentioned in the Rule set can be explained by Team members. - Ask if you are not aware of something. Ignorance does not protect against punishment!
    • The Rule set can at any time be edited, deleted or changed without Notice from the Team members
    • Please report all rule violations through the Forum internal reporting function